Thursday, June 18, 2020

Josh Thomas gets cancelled

CHAZ is rapidly becoming like a woke, vegan Thunderdome. But Artsville is not far behind. Only recently Aussie comedian Josh Thomas was mocked for being triggered by dairy product labels. The next day he was being devoured by the same folk he was tryna impress with that very overreaction. To say this was a case of "life imitating satire" would be an understatement. The woke mob are now more extreme than the fictional Titania McGrath herself

Turns out he was a panelist at some tax-funded wankfest or other a few years back. He said things about the casting of POC that ruffled feathers at the time. In the context of BLM the videotaped comments were deemed doubly offensive and he swiftly became a Pinata (if I'm allowed to use that analogy) for many PC lefties.

The discussion in which his appalling thought crime was committed seemed to have been about how to be an arty wanker and woke at the same time. The clip has been "infamous" for a while, apparently.
There's one particular part of the convo that is particularly damning for poor Josh. That's when Dan Harmon is stunned by the young Aussie's ignorance and/or insensitivity.
It seemed that this Harmon guy was seen as a pretty hip dude; some kinda authority on how to be culturally sensitive and super-creative at the same time. That's because another Josh-hater mentioned that very moment of humiliation, helpfully including a screenshot of it.
His name did ring a bell, though. I vaguely recalled that Harmon himself was in some kinda scandal or something. Twitter search gave me the answer almost instantly.
Given his worldwide fame it's unlikely the two Aussies cited above hadn't heard of this episode. So in Artsville some transgressions get a pass, while others (that most would prolly not be bothered by) are strictly verboten, it seems ... 

What a strange, sick world these hipsters inhabit. Sad!

Soon after the massive explosion of lefteous indignation over his comments from years ago Josh Thomas apologized. This was the worst thing he could have done. By doing so he ensured that this "admission of guilt" is wheeled out repeatedly in future, along with his "sin" against POC. He should've said "Hey woke wankers. Go take a flying fark at a rolling donut!" or something similar.
While Josh was still grovelling there was another cannibalistic feeding frenzy starting up. Meshel Laurie's Facebook comments re blackface from over a decade ago had triggered the Twitter trollective. 

But she was just expressing an opinion. It was perfectly reasonable and not racist at all. You don't need to be an expert to do that.
Again, she should have stood her ground, kept calm and stayed focused on the point she was making. But having willingly participated in PC pile-ons herself, and terrified of being on the receiving end for once, she wussed out bigly and claimed those weren't her comments at all because her account had been hacked!

Now she's in an even more dire situation than Thomas, because at least he never denied he'd made his sinful comments. And he couldn't have if he wanted to anyhow, since they were captured on tape.

In one sense all this carnage is kinda funny. And it's ironic that these two zealous promoters of cultural Marxism have now been devoured by it. But it's also really sad on many levels. 

This brutal, ugly ideology is what totally dominates Artsville along with many other professional spheres such as the mainstream media. If people who work in them don't start sprouting ball sacs pronto it's only gonna get worse. 

Almost all who succeeded bigly in Australia's entertainment industry have done so because of their willingness to regurgitate PC bollocks when required. But that very ideology is gonna bite 'em all on the arse eventually!

The solution is pretty simple. Instead of tryna narrow the boundaries of acceptable discourse and apply different standards according to racial and other categories, it's far better to open them up completely. Let people say what they reckon. And if others find that wrong, stupid, hurtful or whatever, then they can say what they reckon too! That way, as Walt Whitman so eloquently put it, "the powerful play goes on". The quality improves, too ... 

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