Monday, September 6, 2021

#VaxTheNation smacks of desperation

Amazing to watch how many assets are being deployed now to get "needles in arms". Performing artists portray themselves as free spirits driven by their unique creative visions. But they're just as mind-controlled as mainstream media journalists. So they've all been activated, natch! 

I'm sure you've heard about this cringeworthy #VaxTheNation campaign. The West Australian says that these household names have "banded together", zif they're doing it voluntarily, off their own bat

Nah, they've just been told to do it by their agents, who are ultimately controlled by the globalist elite. 

While many are talented and work hard, that's not the main reason they've been elevated to their current level. It's much more about being easy to control. 

These slebs are role models for the masses. So they can be used by the globalist elite to push the sheeple in whatever direction they want them to go. Which is clearly what is being done right now.

And note the desperation. It's all about getting the jab ASAP! They really are tryna cram as many people into these creepy vaxx hubs as possible. You've gotta wonder why.

The medical, safety aspect is all but forgotten in the message. It's all "get the jab so you can enjoy live music again". Just more extortion, which makes any thoughtful person suspicious. 

I note that Jimmy Barnes is one of them. But why would you listen to anything he says, especially about vaccination? 

I would, on the other (slow) hand, listen to Eric Clapton's thoughts on the matter. He was advised to get the jab by his doctor and it turned out to be a very bad decision. But thankfully he's come through the ordeal, and it's inspired him to create a new song. 

So ironic that his authentic, heartfelt expression makes him the outlier in his industry. He's remained true to his rebel roots. And isn't that what being an artist is all about? 

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