Thursday, April 29, 2010

Firass Dirani's glamorous role

It's quite intriguing that a lot of actors and celebrities enjoy rubbing shoulders with criminals - or at least getting close to the periphery of the criminal underworld. Of course, there might be a good professional reason for this. They might be preparing for roles as bad guys in crime dramas, and need to get a closer look at the "dark side".

But I think the main reason is that they are simply attracted to it. They find it glamorous and exciting.

And they're not the only ones. Young women do as well, if the results of this year's Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition are any guide. The winner is Firass Dirani, a young actor who became famous in the true crime series about Kings Cross called The Golden Mile playing the "colourful Sydney identity" and nightclub owner John Ibrahim.

I doubt very much he would have won had he been playing one of the cops in the show.

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