Friday, September 10, 2010

Rodney Pople worships at the Altarpiece of political correctness

Australia's trendy "artists" are nothing if not predictable. Here's the latest example of their tragically yawn-inducing tactics: Rodney Pople has taken a portrait of the Madonna and child and superimposed hardcore porn onto it.

The lazy act of provocation is typical of the talentless weasels of Artsville. Firstly, he didn't even create his own images, as the article describes:

Pople photographed the altar piece last year, then used digital technology to add pornography taken from magazines found by his wife, curator Felicity Fenner.

Secondly, it's clearly meant to shock and offend. But it's only aimed at one group: Christians. The elephant in the, er, gallery is the absence of treasured symbols from another religion whose followers are easily offended. Like so many arty types before him, he's avoided using his searing and courageous creativity to offend Islam.

But of course he wouldn't be foolish enough to do that. If he did, not only would he be persona non grata in the arts world and never be able to sell another one of his, er, "creations"; he'd quite probably be marked for death and need round the clock protection as well! Instead, he chooses to provoke the people least likely to act violently against him because of their anger. That's the sign of a true coward.

I will give him one thing, though. At least he does admit that it's designed to shock. Many artists even weasel out of that one, feigning surprise that their work has caused outrage, adding that it was actually intended as a "celebration" of Christianity, or some other such nonsense.

What's truly funny is this description of his intentions:

"My paintings challenge the facade of our politically correct society by hinting, with an unabashed use of fiction and exaggeration, what might lie beneath the surface."

Er, no. They're not even paintings, just visual mashups. And they clearly don't challenge anything much, least of all political correctness. On the contrary, they hide behind it.

If he sincerely believes what he says then he's a fool as well as a coward. But he's not nearly as tragic as the poor dupes who are there to buy. What kind of an idiot would fork out $65000 dollars for such lazily concocted, skill-free crap?

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  1. I am a West Australian, and an Artist. I work in the Community Art field because I gain great satisfaction from enabling and empowering everyday people of all ages and abilities, to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.
    I agree with what you have written, particularly the fact that the "artist" would not dare to challenge Islam as he knows darn well he would cop a backlash.
    I personally find it most offensive that Christianity and the values of Christians are mocked and denigrated in the Arts.
    For years we have been bombarded with the stereo typed "christian" images of Southern Baptist style, maniacal sociopathic killers, and meddling busy body middle aged female "christian" wowser neighbours, and other negative portrayals of "christians" on t.v. and in films.
    Positive depictions of Christianity have been too few and too far apart.
    Pornography being used to mock Christian iconic images is a cheap tactic and deserving of derision.
    I do not idolise pictures of the Madonna and child, but I respect the fact that to some Christians this traditional depiction of Mary and Jesus had great significance and I would never desecrate it.
    It's all about respect for our fellow man and their personal beliefs.