Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Rite, a thriller with a Christian theme starring Anthony Hopkins

Considering the long and sustained campaign against Christianity in the West, particularly in recent decades, you'd think you'd see less and less of it in popular culture. Certainly, it's not as dominant thematically as it was back in, say, the fifties. And in many mainstream movies these days Christians are presented as villains or fools. But there are still a surprising number of big budget films that are morally absolutist, and don't sneer at Christians. Hell, some flicks even present them as heros!

This is obviously because Christianity is still going strong, despite the best efforts of its detractors. So there remains a vast market of believers to sell to. Also, I think a lot of atheists flock to see such films. They don't accept the existence of God, but they do share a lot of that religion's values. And they do believe in good and evil, and enjoy seeing the former win in the end.

Hence the enduring appeal of the possession-themed thriller. The latest is The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins.

Interestingly, Hopkins himself is a religious person. He says that surrendering to God enabled him to beat the demon drink.

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