Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The OBL killing and double standards regarding due legal process

This is a quick post because I'm in a rush. But I've been thinking about the reaction to the offing of OBL.

Now, I'm definitely coming from prejudice here (though it's not nearly as extreme as the navy seal who terminated the scumbag) but I'll bet that most arty types are now echoing the official PC line on the killing. They'll be in a frenzy of handwringing and tutt-tutting, saying that while Osama was a bad, bad man he should still have been accorded due legal process.

Of course they're entitled to this opinion. Still, it seems odd because so many of these people are openly disdainful of the law in many ways, such as on the issue of drug use. Pretty ironic that such stoners happily suckle their bongs knowing full well that what they're doing is illegal. But they suddenly become po faced, pettifogging champions of the law when a malignant mass murderer of innocents cops some not-so-instant karma. 


  1. Why would a man with 72 virgins waiting for him in Paradise avoid so martyrdom for so long anyway?

  2. Hmm. I think he was playing hard to get.