Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comedian and anarchist Johnnie Marbles now a hero to many, no doubt

I'm not surprised that Jonathan May-Bowles, the guy who attacked Rupert Murdoch with a shaving cream pie, is a comedian and anarchist. I've met many such numpties in my years in the arts world. Some have done very well for themselves (on your dime, of course).

His act was so utterly idiotic and pointless that even the former National President of the UK National Union of Students called him a "self-indulgent moron". But in the global collective of bong-suckling quarterwits known as Artsville, that kind of stupidity is often seen as "speaking truth to power" ... or something. He's surely become a hero to many.



  1. As has been pointed out elsewhere, Johnnie's stunt really amounts to a massive own goal. The British government can hardly give Murdoch the "How could you NOT know?" routine when their own security was so slack - he's made them, not Murdoch, look like fools.
    On top of that, he's made a folk hero of Wendi.
    Still a few of his f--k-knuckle friends will treat him like a king, you can be sure of that.

  2. True, he certainly came off looking far worse than Murdoch. A few numpties have actually realized that and decided that the whole thing was actually a stunt engineered by the press baron to gain him sympathy!