Thursday, April 5, 2012

Caitlin Rash is a talented and skillful young artist

So much art these days is gimmicky postmodernist trash that requires little or no skill to create. Skivvy-wearing gouda-guzzling earring-tuggers just love the stuff of course, which is why those who produce it are the ones who get all the plaudits. This trend runs through many art forms, but it's particularly prevalent in the visual arts. It's truly depressing.

That's why it's refreshing to see a young artist who clearly does have skill being rewarded for it. Caitlin Rash, a former Applecross Senior High School student, has just won a trip for two to the Art Gallery of South Australia for her impressive painting titled Koi.

It's interesting that the judges of the competition in this case were actually members of the public:

This year, Koi was voted by gallery visitors the most popular of 55 pieces. More than 28,000 people visited the exhibition, which ends on Monday.

Which just goes to show that crowds do have wisdom -- and clearly much more of it than members of the art establishment. I suspect that if any of them were involved in the judging of entrants, the winning piece would be something far less impressive.

I do hope that Caitlin Rash continues to hone and develop her lush visual style. If she does, she may well become a popular and financially successful artist. But then critical success, and all the grant money and awards that follow, will probably elude her ...


  1. Not the best angle for the painting but the young lady's skill is definitely evident.
    I used to like reading Giles Auty's columns on art in the Australian. He was quite plainspoken in his opinions on art theory, and of course he was reviled for that. A loss for art and artists everywhere when Auty went quiet.
    Incidentally, I have some unkind opinions about modern art myself.

    1. Apr 19 2012 Blue Mountains NSW as a Western Australian...
      Dear True Art Lovers Everywhere,
      I am writing this from the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales where I now live with my husband of 17 years and two teenagers one also called Caitlin, a brilliant artist as well.
      Caitlin now has a beautiful role model .Thank you to you Caitlin !
      You are truly beautiful in all respects and an absolute inspiration for artists forever! Caitlin's Grandfather living in Western Australia sent the newspaper article to us in the Blue Mountains "express" as he too was in complete awe of such incredible talent!
      Having been an educationalist and Mother who has observed artists for such a long time now I do beg to differ to your comments made in many respects.
      Firstly artists are born, obviously later discovered. "Real Art" could never be called trash , even those pieces highly criticized, as all art comes from the soul. Also, particularly considering the minutes, hours ,days and weeks spent on sections of a final piece and even then still always knowing that the final piece will be in fact highly criticized anyway , by yes, you guessed it, usually the true artist themselves, at point blank range too. Yet they continue their quest for the ultimate perception of perfection.Hence the artist...
      Many pieces of art are actually created to provide opportunity for the admirer and the observer to feel anything but depressed.
      That I will believe will always be the opportunity for the artist to unload their depression to a certain degree and possibly then allow the admirer to unload theirs. It is then at that" precise moment "that i believe truly defines the piece of which we call real art -the silence...
      It is not just that crowds have wisdom they do in fact and have always had a natural connection with art from the beginning of time. To mirror that innate image is to in fact easily demonstrate the outright ability to perform art for those around you.Your gift so to speak.
      Yes real art is what we will forever expect as no different to expecting a toddlers' very first piece of paint art...
      On a final note,irrespective of whether life to a certain degree does in fact become elusive is by the by.
      Caitlin has already proven herself to be well above this anyway ,
      as for all the minutes ,hours,days,weeks and months she has already handed over to her lifetime already, from no doubt a very young age I do believe it actually goes without even real time she will always in some way shape or form, no matter her journey throughout "elusive life", she will return eventually to being as she was "born" the "real artist", and i am certain that those who have known her really well all her life would have to agree........such is "elusive" life anyway......
      Good Luck Caitlin...
      Next Europe and then the Heavens......