Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen and the planting of false memories

I'm finding this whole Dylan Farrow versus Woody Allen battle fascinating -- unpleasant though it is. In the last week or so they've been hitting back at each other, and other family members are taking sides and offering statements to the media.

One of Mia Farrow's adopted children, Moses, has sided with the film director. He, like Allen, paints an unsavoury picture of his mother Mia as hateful and controlling.

But just because she seems to be a nasty piece of work doesn't necessarily mean that Dylan Farrow is lying about being abused. And if she sincerely believes she was abused by Woody Allen at age seven, does that put the matter beyond doubt? Many people would say that it does.

But the fact remains that memories can be planted. There have been many high profile cases in which this was shown to be the case.

Clearly, people can be manipulated to an almost unbelievable degree -- sometimes by others with the very best of intentions. This phenomenon has a lot to do with power. Some individuals are relentlessly domineering in ways both overt and subtle. They become so adept at their manipulation techniques that they seem to own the minds of those whom they control.

Take the case of convicted killer Simon Gittany. He had near total psychological control of Lisa Harnum. Then when she found some inner courage and planned her escape from him, he murdered her. Not only that, he has managed to convince family members of his innocence and even has a new and beautiful girlfriend (eerily reminiscent of his victim in physical appearance) zealously defending him on national television!

Clearly, some people are past masters at getting deep inside the psyches of others and bending them to their will. It looks very much to me like Mia Farrow is one of these people.

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