Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oscars racism controversy shows the absurdity of PC

So funny that a bunch of bloody movie stars, directors and other inordinately well-paid film professionals are claiming to be victims of racism. They've gotta be among the most privileged people on the planet! But as lefties are so fond of saying, "everything is relative". If they're in one of the groups that mostly white, privileged socialists define as historically oppressed, and they genuinely feel that they've been discriminated against, well they have. And who are you to say that they haven't been -- especially if you're an eeevil white male!

As well as showing the childish, selfish emotionalism of those running it, the #OscarsSoWhite campaign highlights their strange priorities. If they cared primarily about doing great work, rather than getting accolades for it, then not being handed them wouldn't be a problem. It could even be argued that choosing gigs and approaching them with the main intention of winning an Oscar is a self-defeating approach, since doing so would detract from the emotional, physical and intellectual effort of producing great work. I mean, that's what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is supposed to award -- great work, right?

This was well expressed by Ice Cube, who said that complaining about not getting an Oscar was like bitching that you didn't get enough icing on your cake.

“We don’t do movies for the industry. We do movies for the fans, for the people,” Ice Cube said Friday.

"The industry,” Cube continued, “if they give you a trophy or not or a pat on the back or not, it’s nice but it’s not something that you should dwell on.”

Here's another example, from days of yore: Woody Allen, whose motivation has always been solely to keep cranking out excellent movies until he pops his clogs, didn't even show up to the Oscars when his classic Annie Hall won several Academy Awards including Best Picture. He was playing jazz at his favourite club, just as he always did. Good on him for that.

In fact, the movie itself has this brilliant line about the ultimate meaninglessness of giving out little statues of golden blokes:

Alvy Singer: Awards! They always give out awards! I can't believe it. Greatest Fascist Dictator: Adolf Hitler.

Another toxic aspect of campaigns like #OscarsSoWhite is that rather than just running out of steam, they tend to precipitate more of the same. When one group starts playing victim, others pile on. This provokes snark from those who don't think these claims are as deserving of attention. Numerous rich Hollywood egomaniacs end up shitty with the others because they've had their dewicate wittle feewings hurt.

It's blindingly obvious to any sane, rational adult observing such an unedifying spectacle that total -- perhaps even partial -- equality is impossible. The goals of today's diversity crusaders will never be realized. They'll just keep getting increasingly indignant, and everyone else will become ever more exasperated with them.

Something's gotta give, though. There has to be a point where the powers that be stop acceding to SJWs' shrill, unreasonable demands and tell 'em to take a flying f**k at a rolling donut. Probably a long way off in Tinsel Town, but it is happening elsewhere, thankfully.

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