Friday, August 6, 2010

Grant Hobson and the Basil Sellers Art Prize

A photographer with a very pro-green artwork has been shortlisted for it in a prestigious art competition. The piece is highly critical of a surf competition in Streaky Bay, South Australia, saying that it was a violation of the idyllic natural environment.

"Be surrounded by wildlife and feel as though you're part of nature rather than just having guys crawling all over you and having jet-skis tearing around and it just being another version of the Gold Coast - I mean it's a different experience and i think it's worth considering what the implications are of just having major companies come in and use it as a backdrop to shoot commercials and flog product," he explained.

If he's so appalled by commercialism, why did he enter his artwork into one of Australia's richest competitions? Surely he was trying to flog product, too.

Sounds like he was using green to, er, get some green. If so he wasn't the first artist to try this. And he definitely won't be the last.

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