Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well I'll be! Greens mocked on ABC

Here's something you don't see often: An ABC comedy sketch (which I think is from Yes We Canberra!) in which the Greens are actually the butt of the joke. I really can't recall seeing or hearing anything similar on the national broadcaster over the years (although there must have been the odd occasion when it occurred).

As we all know the ABC leans to the left - even though its broadcasters continue to deny the obvious. That's why it's heartening to see a sketch like this.

Several times I've had arguments with my arty, lefty friends about how biased the ABC is. Their stock response is that I'm wrong; it's fair and balanced. They invariably cite as evidence the fact that the ABC mocks the Labor Party as well as the Coalition. But then I point out that it's always from the left. The Greens, for example, are almost never mocked. That's when they accuse me of being reactionary and right-wing.

I say, yeah, fair point, I'm biased so why can't you admit that the ABC is too! That's usually when the conversation ends. If they did actually concede - or even consider - that point they might actually start to engage in some independent thought, rather than the mindless repetition of their ideological mantras. Of course that's just too scary for them, which is why they tend to just shake their heads and walk away.

Anyway, if the above mentioned sketch is evidence of a growing trend it seems this default position might actually be shifting a little. (Still, I don't think the disdain shown was sincere. Even though they mocked the Greens I doubt very much any of the Chaser boys actually voted for the LNP. That would still be a bridge too far!)

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