Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heath Ledger tribute in Perth

Soon after Heath Ledger died there were a whole bunch of tributes to him. Anyone who's anyone - and seemingly anyone who ever knew him, or had ever worked with him, however briefly - was singing his praises and getting all lachrymose about what a tragedy it all was.

That's understandable. And I don't doubt that a lot of that emotion was genuine. But after a while it all started to ring hollow. Maybe I'm too cynical, but it looked like a lot of these people were just using his death as an excuse to get some easy publicity (or money, in the case of charities and the like).

And it just kept on going, and going... and going - and it still hasn't stopped. Now, almost three years after the poor bloke popped his clogs, there's another adulatory event on the horizon. This one will be held in Perth, and Sienna Miller will attend.

Am I alone in thinking this is quite parasitic now and that these people really should get over it and let the poor bastard rest in peace?


  1. You are a horrible human being. You are the parasite. Yes I did meet Mr. Ledger, I crewed a movie he was filming. I don't really care if you believe that or not. Heath was a friend to me and he did actually live up to the praises he is getting. I witnessed this man help out with equipment and even porta-potties when clearly it was not his job. He hung out with us lowly crew people more than the other actors. I will NEVER stop talking about him, I hope there is a tribute every year. I want him to always be remembered,not forgotten. He had health issues and his death was nothing but an accident. Just because the media and tabloids have made a giant gossip story out of his death,that does not mean he does not deserve to be remembered. Its bad enough that 80% of what is written about him is crap, he does not deserve these type of negative articles too. You are such a hypocrite telling people to let him RIP when you are in fact writing your own article! Sally and Kim were married when Heath was born so you really need to look up the definition of bastard. Heath was an imperfect human like the rest of us, but he was an awesome person. You really have no idea. I hope his loved ones get peace, he has 3 sisters, did you know that? The youngest being 16 now, how do you think she feels coming across garbage articles on her brother? learn how to write real articles and get some basic human compassion and respect. People like you are whats wrong with this world. I will keep hoping that a real writer will write about the truth of Mr Ledger one day.

  2. As a normal Australian that worked in the "arts" industry I know for a fact it is completely, and self righteously, of the extreme left.
    I was in the music industry and quite successful. I made my living with gigging in pubs etc, and had written our own music that was also well liked, but had doors closed on us, and were dispised by others in the industry (usually "festival" muso's-read government funded ) that could never get a gig otherwise.
    We had recording studios closed to us,denied promotion by government funded radio while they promoted everyone else in the local music industry and told quite blatently that I was not the kind of act they wanted in their local festival promoting local talent. I had original music written specifically about the local area and was the most successful act in the area and my band and I were the only ones doing it professionally and well enough to make our living out of it.We had a big following.
    Eventually the blatantly stupid left wing domination and lazy good for nothing druggies and lefties in the music industry wear you down and although I still love music I can't stand having to deal with these types anymore just to play music and now work in an industry with normal people....transport. My crime against these "artists?" was that I dressed normally,would not speak politically on stage and was white and male.I appeared as if I could be right wing (even though I made sure never to speak politically)and that was enough.I wasn't part of their club.

  3. I know how you must have felt. That whole leftie-druggie thing is dominant right across the artts world, but it's definitely worse in the music scene.

    They certainly a paranoid bunch, lefties. They're terrified of anyone with any character. The fact that so many of them are stoned much of the time makes their tribal behaviour even more extreme.

  4. Jane you wrote all we, people who loved Heath, feel. You are blessed to have met him. I am so sorry for M.Hayden. A real human being should feel compassion for a young talented man who was lost like this...but I am sure he doesn't have feelings for anyone.