Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kim Cattrall accuses Rickey Gervais of ageism

That notorious comedy routine by Ricky Gervais sure has media legs. It made a lot of headlines for several days, and is still generating stories. The latest is that Kim Cattrall was miffed by his jibe about her age.

She's in her mid fifties now. What does she expect? It's interesting that she used the politically correct term "ageism" to condemn his joke to try and make it seem more offensive than it actually was.

I thought what Gervais did was great, since if any bunch of people are "askin' for it" it's the Hollywood elite. And the ribbing was comparatively quite mild. Think of all the scandalous things the public don't know about but are common knowledge in Tinsel Town. And the story has been beaten up a lot by the media, since from what I saw he certainly got laughs, just a few gasps as well, which made it all the more interesting.

As well as being funny his routine was also true. The, er, "girls" of Sex and the City certainly are getting on a bit. And his jokes about Charlie Sheen's crazy lifestyle were pretty accurate considering it's just resulted in his show being postponed (again) while he attends rehab.

That's certainly "life imitating satire". It's also pretty good timing, which - as we all know - is the secret of comedy.

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  1. what about poking fun at a woman's age is okay? charlie sheen chose to do drugs. Stallone chose his films. People choose to age as much as people choose the color of their skin. "Girls" you say? Ageism—it's a politically correct term, just as racism is a politically correct term. Your uninformed argument is sad, and makes me sad to be a part of a world that doesn't treasure the wisdom of years. I hope you don't have daughters.