Monday, March 5, 2012

Buttrose ex Alasdair Macdonald sues ABC over Paper Giants

I didn't watch the ABC mini-series Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo. But from what I saw of the promotion leading up to its broadcast it seemed to be the usual PC feminist fare: The sassy, smart independent woman taking on the eeevil, bigoted patriarchy and winning with grace and style.

That's why I'm not surprised that the show has provoked a defo suit from the ex-hubby of Ita Buttrose:

Excerpts of the two-part mini-series were played to the court, including a scene in which the character of Mr Macdonald tells his pregnant wife that he is leaving "to be a free spirit".

That's ironic, since from what I could tell the mini-series itself seemed to promote the idea of Ita Buttrose as the ultimate "free spirit". Then there's the strong possibility that Mr Macdonald didn't actually say such things ...

And speaking of freedom of spirit: Will the ABC ever show some of its own and come up with a television show that is not sodden with mind-numbing PC cant -- even just once? I hope it will, but I doubt very much that it is capable such originality of thought. The cultural ideologues still retain complete control, and have basically throttled the creative life out of the joint.

Well, however things turn out, the long-suffering Aussie taxpayer will end up copping it twice over. He's already had to pay for the original production, a dreary ideologically driven project designed to glorify a cultural lightweight who did nothing more than sell squillions of stupid, frivolous magazines. And if the ABC has to fork out to Macdonald to assuage his hurt feeling, well, he'll be paying for that too.

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